The new version of the Z-Land beta is now out and on its way to you!

It’s version 5.0 and it is a huge beta release. So much has changed since the wee days of 4.1.

We’ve changed how Opposed Rolls and Damage is done. No longer do you need to work out how far below your skill you rolled. Now as long as you rolled below your skill, whatever it says on the dice is the degree of success. For Opposed Rolls this means whoever rolled highest under their skill wins. Same with damage. If you roll a 30 and that’s under your skill, then you did 30 damage.

We’ve changed how Physical and Mental Grievous Wounds heal. They are no longer a 10 session sentence. Now Grievous Wounds will heal in game time until that limb is usable again. Got a bone fracture? Well then that’s 6-8 weeks of in game time before you’ll lose that -15 penalty. Similar with Grievous Mental Wounds. Now you will have to overcome the terrors in your mind by being exposed to whatever caused your Grievous Mental Wound before you’ll lose it.

We’ve added in damage classes for both melee and ranged weapons and changed the range bands of ranged weapons. Now it will matter whether you are carrying a knife or a wood axe with you in the apocalyptic wastelands.

We also now have an initiative/turn order system so you’re combat encounters will be more streamlined and more ordered without losing any narrative quality.

Exposure is now a thing, so you better make sure you’re never too hot or too cold or else you can get hypo/hyperthermia. That would be a sad way to go in a world of zombies.

Lastly we’ve given some new ways to gain EXP at the end of a session and it’s all through beating death. Avoided infection from a zombie bite? 1 EXP for you? Survived hypo/hyperthermia? Another EXP for you. Same with thirst, hunger and exhaustion. The more you survive the cold hands of death, the more EXP you will get.

Also we got a questionnaire for all of you that have read or played Z-LAND. It’s about the beta and it will help us make the beta even better than it is now. Please take a minute and help us help you help Z-LAND.

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