The new version of the Z-Land beta is now out and on its way to you!

We’re up to 4.0 and onto a whole new era: the Apocalypse Era!

This is, almost literally, a whole new world and will take some time for your characters to get used to it.

In this update you’ll find that the bookmarks are (hopefully) properly fixed, a new random name table for you to roll on if you can’t think of a name (or if you’re a GM who needs to make a few dozen NPCs) and the first part of the Apocalypse Era character generator.

The first thing we’re going to give you for the Apocalypse Era is the “Transition” character generator. This is for those characters that started their life in the D-Day section before the Infected destroyed the world and have now survived a good 10-15 years into the apocalypse. The Transition generator will give you a few questions to answer such as how many people you’ve killed, how you handled the apocalypse itself and how you feel about the undead. Whether you made your character an adult, child or teen before D-Day, if you survived a decade or more into the apocalypse, you roll on the Transition tables.

What you can expect further in the 4.? series is the rest of the Apocalypse Era generators as well as seeing how the five premade characters fared in a world now turned on its head.

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