We’re always to have a chat with anyone that comes by, and with Z-Land now well into its beta we would love to hear feedback and criticism about the game and how we can make it even better.

So if you’re keen for a chat, you can always find us here on the site or on social media, but if you prefer a more real time conversation we also have a little spot on Rycon Roleplays’ Discord Server. We have The Runed Age Channel if you want to chat about anything to do with the Runed Age, its campaigns or anything runic related and then there is also the Z-Land Channel where you can chat with all the other beta testers (and those curious about it) about how the game is coming along.

So CLICK HERE and come join us on Discord for some good conversation!

And because we like all of you so much, we’ve put The Runed Age and its two Ruined Man campaign books on sale over on DriveThruRPG for 50% off! So if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on these, now is your chance!

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