For Magic Mondays this week we give you a way to move unseen.

This week we show you the False Door array.

Notation: Sustain the Receiving of Light if no Humans are present.

Class: Utility

Description: The False Door array is a must have for any spy, secret society or just plain anyone who wants a secret hideout and doesn’t want it discovered. The False Door, as its name implies, creates the illusion of a solid surface where there isn’t any, and vanishes when someone approaches.

It does this quite simply. The array you see here is only one half of the process, the receiving end. Another array that simply says Send Light is placed facing a wall. Any light that comes through that array’s field of effect is then Sent to this array. That light would include any light bouncing off the wall. That light, that image of a wall, would go straight through the first array and come out of this array, making it appear as if there was a wall where the False Door array is.

There are two thing you need to worry about. First is how the receiving array is positioned so that the wall doesn’t appear upside down or at an angle. You might have to re-position and play with it for a while until you get it just right, but if you do, you can make a doorway, or alleyway completely disappear into the walls around it. The second is finding a patch of wall (or whatever you are using to disguise the entrance to your secret hideout) that matches where the entrance is. You don’t want someone to be walking down an inner city alleyway and suddenly seeing a section of fancy marble wall.

After all this, you might be asking yourself why there is a need for this illusion to disappear if a person gets close enough to it. The answer is twofold: Firstly, if the only people allowed inside this secret hideaway already knows about it, then it is for pure convenience. Remember that all light that enters the Sending array will come out of this one. So after you step through the fake wall, you will see the rest of all the light from the first array. You would rather see the door you have to open or the passageway you want to walk through and not blindly having to make your way through, so by shutting off the light, it allows for an easier access. Of course, if you want people (the right sort of people, of course) to find your secret hideaway, then having the illusion disappear when they are close makes everyone’s life so much more simple.

In either event, if will probably pay good dividends to have an extra array hidden away behind the illusion, perhaps some sort of offensive array that must be disarmed so you can keep undesirables out.

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  1. This discussion of “transmitting images” does wonders for “high-speed communication” within a setting as it becomes possible to combine Sending and Receiving Arrays in such a way as to provide “video-conferencing” feeds and perhaps even news/media billboards for the dissemination of information that the populace needs to be aware of.

    And then, if I can figure out how to make the Send/Receive Array’s transfer things like memories/souls, I’m off to the races.

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