For Magic Mondays this week we give you a sight to remember.

This week we show you the Dying Light array.

Notation: Create 20 Lumens of Light per cubic centimetre in an area 1000 times greater than the array and Contain all Light to this area.

Class: Offensive

Description: This is the sister to the Swan Song array and is intended to be just as cruel and brutal. The only real difference is that where the Swan Song deafens you, the Dying Light blinds you.

It does this by creating a light twice as bright as the sun all around the victim. The fact that this array creates light within every cubic centimetre of the containment field is important. With sound, it doesn’t matter which way you are facing, the sound from the Swan Song will rip your ears apart all the same, and that’s why the sound of that array can come solely from the metal “bomb”. With light it’s different. If you’re not facing the right way or if there is something in between you and the bomb, then you would probably only get temporary flash blindness. That issue is solved by the Dying Light array. It doesn’t matter which way you turn or what is in between you and the “bomb”, as long as you are within the containment field (a good ten metres, so it’s no laughing matter) you will feel as if you are standing inside the sun.

It won’t even help closing your eyes (if you can in time) as pressed right up against your eyelids will be, yes again, a light twice as intense as the sun. Even through your eyelids, this is will be a painful experience, and seeing as this array can be precharged with as much energy as needed, you would have no idea how long to keep your eyes pressed shut. Eventually you will have to open them and when you do the last thing you will ever see is the brightest light in the world.

Lucky for everyone not caught in the containment field as all light is contained within, meaning everyone outside will just see a solid black sphere and presumably hear the agonising shouts coming from within.

If you don’t want to just blind someone or just deafen someone, remember that if you are good as inscribing tiny runes onto 1cm metal balls, you can put both the Swan Song and the Dying Light arrays on the same metal “bomb”, meaning you can blind and deafen someone at the very same time. If you are that cruel, that is.

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