The first update to the Z-Land beta document is now being sent out to all our Kickstarter backers even as I am typing this. It’s a small update, mostly just fixing typos and grammar mistakes, but we have (due to popular demand) added in a new section called Starting Scenarios. As time goes by, we will be adding in Starting Scenarios for all three time frames, but for now we only have them for the D-Day time frame.

The Starting Scenarios are exactly what they sound like. They are 10 scenarios for beginning a campaign to launch you into the world of Z-Land. So if you are not quite sure how to start a game or you are wanting a challenge, have a look at the scenarios and customise them so they fit with you and your party.

This is just a small update because we have a bigger one in the works that should come out soon-ish. We’re looking to finish off the survival section so the next big update (Z-Land 2.0) should have rules for food spoilage to make your lives more difficult and rules for weather exposure.

If you still haven’t received a copy of the Z-Land beta document and you did back the Kickstarter, just send an email to and just tell us your Kickstarter username and which level you backed so we can update our records and then we’ll get you your copy right away.

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  1. Everyone should also make sure that the Kickstarter email under ‘Settings –> Account’ is the correct email and it is verified. Good luck to everybody!

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