For Magic Mondays this week we give you a sound you’ll not soon forget.

This week we show you the Swan Song array.

Notation: Create Sound at a strength of 150 Decibels if Stone is present and Contain Sound to a space 1000 times greater than the array if more than 100 Decibels of Sound is present.

Class: Offensive

Description: This is the Sound Bomb‘s bigger and angrier brother. It is also the first Bomb type array which is utterly and completely an offensive array. Even the Crypt’s Breath array, as foul as it is, can be used in a more “utility” fashion (by clearing a house from pests), but not the Swan Song. It is a cruel and efficient weapon meant to cripple and disable opponents, and if you are extremely unlucky this can also kill you.

It is called the Swan Song because if you are caught within its blast then it is the last sound you will ever hear. This array permanently deafens humans by creating a sound so loud that it bursts your eardrums. A 150 decibels, especially at close range is more than enough to do that and the shockwave will also blast you off your feet and knock the wind out of you. While the fatal decibel range is between 180-200, a sustained wave of 150 decibels can cause embolisms in your lungs which can travel to your heart or brain to kill you as gruesomely as any bullet can.

The reason for the second Contain rune in the array is thus fairly obvious, when you throw the 1cm metal ball at someone, hoping to rupture their eardrums, you don’t want to be permanently deafened yourself. So the array restricts all sound above 100 decibels (thus also the sound it creates itself) to 1000 times the array’s area, or 10 meters. So everyone within 5 metres of the array will never hear a sound again, while everyone outside it will never even know what is happening.

By containing the sound, you will only make it echo and reverberate throughout the containment field. As the array has an If-Then statement, it can be precharged with as much energy as needed, meaning that deafening sound can continue for as long as needed. That is what makes this array so deadly, as continual close proximity to the sound can cause the earlier mentioned embolisms. If you add in a Human rune to the If-Then statement alongside the Stone rune, you can also use this array as a trap, to deafen unsuspecting enemies.

Its usefulness is combat should be quite apparent. If you are in a heated firefight, simply throw a few of these at them and not only will they be momentarily stunned, since they are now deaf you can creep up to them without a worry. This array is also perfect when you are running away from overwhelming opposition for much the same reasons.

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