For Magic Mondays this week we give you an array you can set and forget and still have it work.

This week we show you the Unlucky Round array.

Notation: Pull Human at a speed of 512 m/s.

Class: Offensive

Description: Physics is a funny thing and often counter-intuitive until you give it some serious thought, and if you want to be the best runist you can be, then you surely must give good old physics as good and serious a thought as you can.

One of the three laws of motion in physics is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is just one of those things that has to be, the universe wouldn’t exist as we know it without that particular law. Lucky for us, among everything else this physical law does for us in our daily lives, it also makes this array work.

That is because there is no real difference between a push and a pull and there is no particular emphasis placed on the direction in which a force is applied. What this means is that there is no real difference in the impact between you running into a car at 10 kph and a car driving into you at 10 kph. There also isn’t a difference between the magnet holding onto your fridge, or the fridge holding onto your magnet, there’s just a force applied in a specific direction and the universe takes care of the rest.

All that is precisely how the Unlucky Round works. As it’s name implies, it is inscribed on a musket ball, but this round isn’t ever fired from a musket or a pistol. Rather it is left around wherever it can do the most damage as a type of boobytrap. Then, whenever someone gets close to the round, it will attempt to pull that human toward it as a speed of 512 meters per second, but just as your magnet can’t pull your fridge towards it, the round can’t pull the human closer. Instead, just as with the fridge, the musket ball will be propelled towards the human at 512 meters per second.

In a twist of irony, thanks to the third law of motion, the human acts as their own fatally fired musket.

Now, it must be mentioned that in all cases this array must be modified in some form or fashion, most often with a containment field within which the array will work. We haven’t put that here as it will depend entirely on the context that you find yourself in, but it can’t just be left as is or it will go seek for the nearest human anywhere on the planet if it has enough energy.

Also, while this array has to be precharged before it can work, you should never precharge it before you place it as a trap as you will be the nearest human to it and it will come straight at you.

And lastly, if you want to do even more damage, remember that you can inscribe other offensive arrays onto the same musket ball as the Unlucky Round, meaning that when it does hit someone, the other array will activate and cause quite the calamity.

We’ve hit our funding goal! And it’s all thanks to you! We’ve got only a few days to go, so now let’s see if we can hit that first stretch goal!

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