For Magic Mondays this week we give you an array that will protect you even in the most direst of circumstances.

This week we show you the Shadow Valley array.

Notation: Exclude Light and Sound from all Humans within an area 10 – 100 times larger than the array’s size.

Class: Utility

Description: A nomadic tribe in the Western deserts have a sacred hymn that assures them that no matter the trials and tribulations and oppressions, that no matter how dark and shadowed the valley be through which they walk, their god will be with them to comfort and protect them. It seems a footman in Middelburg had been quite taken by this hymn when he created this array, although whether he designed it because of the comfort the hymn brought him or because of sheer sacrilegious irony we will never know.

Just as the hymn says, this array will protect you while you walk through a shadowed valley, surrounded on all sides by confusion and misery… even though that confusion and misery is entirely and utterly your fault. What the Shadow Valley does is blind and deafen everyone around you while keeping you immune from the effect. The purpose, of course, is to confuse and disable your opponents while you do what needs to be done.

It does this through two points of runecraft every good runescribe should be aware of. Firstly, by using the secondary array to create the effect of a containment field that excludes light and sound and then applying this entire effect to all humans in range. This means that the containment field is equally applied to all bits of a human that it can reach. This means that every exposed piece of skin will become a focus point for the containment field. Since the containment field excludes light and sound, it means that no light or sound will be able to breach a human’s outer layer, effectively blinding, deafening and muting every human in range.

It excludes the person bearing the array by using an “exclusionary modification” on the Contain rune, thereby excluding the first 10-times-the-array’s-size area from the effect, but since there is a Gargantuan rune on the same Contain rune, the effect is still spread out to a 100 times the array’s size. This is the second way that you can create a doughnut shaped field of effect to spare the bearer of the array the effects of it. The first way is to use a Shell rune such as in the Invisible Chaos array and modifying its size to what you want. Both methods give the same effect, so it is up the designer to choose what he wants.

Now to how it is put into practice. As with most footman arrays, this array is inscribed upon a disk 10 cm in diameter, meaning the shadow effects start a meter out and ends 10 meters out. However, if you leave it at that, you will only be blinding, muting and deafening everything at and above the level of the array. What you want to do is inscribe this array on both sides of the disk so that no matter where a person is, no matter the altitude, they will be caught up in the array’s effects.

And with all of that done, you can safely steal, burgle and murder to your heart’s content.

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