While the Z-Land Kickstarter is still running at full steam, we still have other projects in the work as well.

The first of these that you’ll be able to get your hands on is the second volume of the Journal of Array Design. We started the Journal last year and in it we collect all the arrays that we post here on the site over the last year into one handy pdf that will make using them at the gaming table far easier. As with last year’s Journal, the pdf of Volume 2 will be absolutely free. And if you prefer a more hands on approach, we will be turning the Journal into a deck of cards again that you will be able to buy for a very reasonable price.

So this new Journal and a new set of cards will be coming your way in March after we’ve sorted out the Kickstarter, so stay tuned.

Also if you want to get your own arrays into the Journal, you had better get in quick as we are busy doing the final editing!

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