Valentines Day is fast approaching and so we thought we’d give you two treats today. First is a 50% Off Sale on all our Runed Age products, and second is a slightly romantic runic array for today.

This week we show you the Moment in Time array.

Notation: Increase the speed of Time by 16, Contain it the circumference of the array, and Slow Time by 16 at the circumference of the array.

Class: Utility

Description: A bubble in time. A moment of it captured, stretched and protected from the rest of the universe. This array can do only one thing and that is give you a little extra time while making sure you aren’t disturbed. For two lovers wishing a moment, an hour or even a night would last forever, this is definitely the array for them. For students needing an extra moment to study, or warriors needing to catch their breath while planning their next attack, this array also works remarkably well. However, we’ll focus on the lighter side of life today.

This array gives you more time in a simple and easy to understand manner, it simply speeds up time within the array by 16, meaning that one hour outside the array means 16 hours inside it. If you only have 5 minutes to spare for a quick kiss and a hug with your better half, with this array you could make it a cuddle too.

Speeding time up inside the array is straightforward enough, but by slowing down time by an equal amount around the edges of the array exploits a rule of physics that should keep anyone inside fairly free of distractions.

As time is sped up by 16 times inside the array and slowed by 16 times at the array’s edge, this means there is a disparity at the edge of 32 times normal speed. Anything coming from the outside is first slowed down by 16 times and then suddenly sped up by 32 times. This is where things get stretched and compressed.

Imagine a bullet travelling through the array. First it must be slowed down, but as the tip of it slows down as it enters the edge of the array, its rear is still travelling at the same speed. this will scrunch up the bullet as if it is hitting a near solid object. Then once it is through this ordeal, it is sped up 32 times and so it will be stretched as if it is soft taffy being pulled by a machine. Now imagine the same happening to light and sound.

Sound and light when sped up (in wavelength that is, since both are constants) increase in frequency. While inside, you will hear everything outside as shrill shrieks lasting a fraction of a second, not to mention a tad mangled since it had to be slowed down so abruptly first. The same happens with light. While inside, the entire colour spectrum will shift to the red side of the spectrum, meaning blues will look green, greens could look orange and you will even start to see ultraviolet light. It will be an absolute riot of colour that will make everything outside look (and sound) nearly incomprehensible.

But that is entirely the point. When inside this Moment of Time, you want to exclude yourself from the real world, and what better way than to make the real world appear alien and strange.

And speaking of strange new worlds, remember that there is a 50% Off Sale on all our Runed Age products, and only until Valentines Day, so get in quick.

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