For Magic Mondays this week we show you an array to speed your soul on its way to the next life.

This week we show you the Transcendence array.

Notation: Transmute Human into Light and Sound at a frequency of 250 Hz if Human Blood is present.

Class: Offence

Description: “Transcendence” literally means to “climb above” and most use this to describe a spiritual journey and exercise to climb above this world and reach a next plane of spiritual existence. Some monks fast and meditate for years before reaching this transcendent state where they claim they are in tune with the music of the world. Priests of course say we must first shed our mortal coil before we will reach transcendence in the afterlife, but only if we are faithful to their gods.

The footmen on the streets of Middelburg however have found a far quicker means to achieve enlightenment: at the end of a barrel.

The Transcendence array is named as tongue-in-cheek, ironic and sarcastic as all arrays, but at least it gives a good show. This array is only possible because of the Invert rune. When applied to the Transmute rune, the Invert rune inverts the flow of transmutation. Rather than light and sound being transmuted into humans, humans are now transmuted into both sound and light. This is the only way that you can transmute one thing into several.

The other interesting thing to note is that this array produces a specific frequency of sound, 250 Hz to be exact. This is because the Sound rune produces exactly 1 KHz frequency when created or transmuted. By slowing the sound, as in real life, it lowers the frequency of sound produced. And 250 Hz gives almost perfectly the key of B.

So with all this light and show, what exactly happens? Well once the musket or pistol round enters the body, it transforms the person it enters into flash of light with an accompanying blast of sound. With the energy contained within a human body, this is no small flash or bang. The light can be seen from blocks away and the sound is like a church bell hit with a war hammer. Other than giving the poor unfortunate a proper send of with all the pomp and circumstance of an emperor, it also serves to blind, deafen and disorient the victims comrades, giving you and yours the chance to kill them as well.

Unfortunately, once someone has “transcended” everyone and their mother will know something is amiss and the constables won’t be far behind. Best to use this once and get done with your business before your hear the constables’ whistles.

Want to put your arrays to good use? Use them in The Ruined People, the new campaign book released last month. Click the image above and see what the arrays can do in the grand city of Middelburg.

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