Last week we celebrated the end of the year with everything we had accomplished in 2016.

This week we look forward at all the things we will accomplish in 2017.

The Stealth Mod

We’ve taken you through all the developer journals last year and you’ve seen what the Stealth Mod can do, now all that’s left to do for us is to clean it up, spice it up and type it up, and then you’ll find it over on DriveThruRPG absolutely free. It’s the first mod for the Sigil System and it certainly won’t be the last. Expect more developer journals from us in the future about the new mods we will be making.

The Journal of Array Design Volume 2

When March rolls around, we’ll start trawling through all the array’s we’ve put up in the past year and compiling them all into the second annual Journal of Array Design. Like the first one already available, each array will be categorised and notarised and defined to make it as easy to use on the tabletop as can be. We’ll also be making a second card deck out of it to make it even easier for you to use the arrays in your games.

And speaking of cards…


As well as giving you the array cards, we’re also busy making a deck out of just the runes themselves. Each card will have a rune on one side and its description on the back. Creating arrays is a very visual activity, so we’re making these cards to give you an easier way to do design and create arrays. With the cards, you can easily move the runes about and overlap the cards to show modification. With the descriptions on the back, you will also always know which rune is which and what you can do with them. We’ve also added in all the incantation runes if you want to turn your arrays into spells and we’ve thrown in a few doubles of the most often used cards so that you have more than enough to play around with.

As much as we love making cards to be used as supplements in our games, we love card games even more, so we went ahead and made one. Signet will be our very first card game and it is meant to be played in much the same way as traditional card games. There are no monsters or heroes or battles to be fought, rather the numbers on the cards themselves and the colour is what differentiates the cards and how it is meant to be played. Think of Signet as the Stormforged version of a good old deck of playing cards.

The Ruined Man

Don’t think we would ever forget about the great Ruined Man saga. There’s two more books left in the saga and, should everything go to plan, you’ll get your hands on both of them this year. The third book “The Ruined Haven” will give you missions 9-12 as well as the remaining districts of Middelburg and the last book “The Ruined Man” will give you some lore on the whole of Middelburg as well as the grand concluding mission that will determine whether Middelburg itself survives or not! So keep your fingers crossed and keep an eye out in June and December for the Ruined Man.


This year we will be working closely with the always phenomenal Rycon from Rycon Roleplays to create the best post-apocalyptic and zombie RPG that will ever exist. Everything is still in the pre-production phase, but we’ll be able to tell you more about it as time goes by. We’ll be doing heaps of developer journals and beta tests for it (open and closed), so if you want to be involved in the process, give us a shout and don’t be shy. Expect more info about Z-Land to come shortly as we get ready to kickstart the game into action.

The Forge of Storms

As well working with Rycon, we’ll be opening up the Sigil System this year to everyone who wants to work with us to get their own settings published under the “Stormforged” banner. If you’ve ever wanted to get your own personal and homebrewed setting published, then the stars have aligned for you. We’ve got a great system that easily modifiable for your own unique tastes and we’ll help you get your vision published. We’ll help you get art and artists and editors and what-not to see your dream a reality. So if you think this is for you, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

The First Annual Runic Design Contest

No snazzy image for this one, but keep your ears to the ground because soon we’ll be announcing our first Runic Array Design Contest. We’ll give you a scenario with a problem to overcome and you design and submit the best array for the job. We’ll select the best one and the winner will get a heap of Steam video game keys.

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