The year has come to an end and tis the season!

We here at Stormforge Productions want to wish you all the merriest of Christmasses and a prosperous year ahead. May the holiday season and the year to come bring you all that you hope for and all that you deserve.

While we may make jokes about our Ruined Man and his Ruined Christmas, we do sincerely wish you the best of times ahead. Christmas is a time of celebration, of joy, of reflection, of family and of friends and we hope you have all of these in abundance. The more we surround ourselves with that which is positive, the more positive our lives become, so take some time out from the busy world we live in with all its hustle and bustle, and make space and time to enjoy what this world has to offer in the company of those dearest to you. Renew old friendships, mend broken bridges, turn bitterness into peace and end this year on a loving note. Then when next year rolls around you will be refreshed and re-energised and know that the world, or at least your world, is a bit better off now than how it was.

And more than anything have a safe, comfortable and happy holiday season.

From all us here at Stormforge Productions,

Merry Christmas.

Now in saying all of that, it would be the capitalistic world we live in without a product plug at the end to entice you to spend money. If you still have stockings to stuff, presents to buy or just wish a little something for yourself this holiday, have a look at our Ruined Christmas bundle which puts all our Runed Age products together for only $15. Three game books, starting characters and all the magic you could want in one bundle.

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