The Ruined City is the first campaign released for The Runed Age setting and to get you started unlocking its mysteries and surviving its horrors, we have put together eight premade characters that have been tailored specifically to the Ruined City and the entire Ruined Man saga. To survive in a Ruined City you need to be a little bit ruined yourself, and each character brings their own mysteries, horrors and skeletons to the campaign as well as each coming with a unique narrative mechanic that makes each one invaluable on the dark and grimy streets of Middelburg.

All of the premade characters we have shown you here over the past eight weeks has now been collected into one pdf document just for you, they have been touched up, tarted up and tweaked around and the Ruined Souls character pack is now available free of charge on DriveThruRPG.

So CLICK HERE and get the Ruined Souls character pack now!

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