Back to our regular schedule this week and with it we give you another template based array.

This week we show you the Footmen’s Signet array.

Notation: Create ?????? if Human is present within a space the diameter of the array and 1% as deep..

Class: Offence/Utility

Description: Just like with the Remote Trap array, the Footmen’s Signet is meant for you to add in whatever array you want to the centrum and thus change the effect, but not the purpose, of the array. Built with variety in mind, this array can accommodate a wide range of arrays, however as it only activates in the presence if a human (nearly) touches it, one can see how the purpose of this array if firmly fixed.

As the name implies, the Footmen’s Signet is meant to be engraved onto a signet ring to be worn by footmen and other assorted criminals. Each thief, burglar and killer will of course choose their own arrays to go into the centrum, but it will almost always be activated the same way: by punching someone. As such, the arrays most often put into the centrum tend to be more offensive in nature than utilitarian, and defensive arrays are a rare sight.

And of course the potential variety of the array increases tremendously once you realise you can wear multiple signet rings on one hand, each with their own unique array in the centre, so if you can’t see how to get the right effect you want from a single array, simply create two and have two Footmen’s Signet rings on a hand.

One might argue that putting a potentially lethal array on a ring that activates on contact would be quite dangerous to whomever is wearing it, and the answer would be both yes and no. Yes, when you start wearing such a ring, you need to make sure you never accidentally touch yourself with it, but the fact that you need to nearly touch it (and bearing in mind a signet ring is most commonly 1-1.5 cm across, meaning you would have to come within 0.1-0.15mm of the array to activate it) means as long as you are wearing semi-thick gloves you can easily touch it without activating it.

One thing to keep in mind as you peruse the array is that, while the Create rune is a fixed part of this array, you can still transmute materials. As you are putting an entire array into the centrum, the Create rune is not affecting any and every rune inside, but is rather creating the effect of the array. For example, let’s say you put the Sculptor array in the centrum, then the Create rune would simply be creating the Sculptor effect, rather than trying to create a transmutation. A subtle distinction, but an important one.

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