This week for Magic Mondays we bring you perhaps the most meta runic array ever.

This week we show you the Stormforge Productions array.

Notation: Stormforge Productions affected by The Runed Age in turn affected by The Sigil System modified by GLYPH.

Description: With the release of the Sigil System and GLYPH literally only days away, we thought we’d take this time to show how everything here at SP fits together. And with it being Magic Mondays, what better way to show that than by using a runic array?

Clearly the array doesn’t actually do anything in any magical and fictional universes (or does it?) but by following the rules of the runes and arrays, this array paints a picture of how our little development group works.

As with all arrays, the centrum is most important, and here we have Stormforge Productions as the centrum. Just as we create our games, settings and systems; it is their success which allows us to create more. We are very happy and lucky that thus far we have been successful in what we set out to do.

Just off the centrum, the first (and so far only) locus that affects it is The Runed Age. It is our first product line, our flagship product line and thus far our only product line. It’s our baby and we love it. It keeps this ship afloat, but keep an eye on this space because we are only getting started. We have oodles and oodles of more games and systems and settings that we are working on and that we will release in the future.

And then of course lastly, what affects the Runed Age is the Sigil System and its modification GLYPH. The Runed Age is built on the Sigil System and so will all the games and settings we make. This is where this array will dramatically change in the years to come as we add more and more settings and games to our line up, all based on the Sigil System. GLYPH of course is the d20 version of the Sigil System that you will be able to use on its own or to translate the d100 settings to something a bit more comfortable for you and your group.

And there you have it! Keep our DrivethruRPG page bookmarked and you’ll be the first to know when the Sigil System and GLYPH are released!

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