This week for Magic Mondays we bring you an incantation that can help bring a shine to your world..

This week we show you the Gilded Touch incantation.

Notation: Transmute Animals and Plants into Gold and Contain this transmutation to the circumference of the array and as deep as 1/100th the diamater of the array. Cast this from the Right Hand.

Incantation: Behg Gelout Dün Ferformyr Dün Dyr Non Stamkur Ent Hohd Ant Rônde Ant Klen Ent Fin Regahnd

Description: Incantations may be few and far between these days, but this one surely makes up for lost time. It is an incantation meant for the narcissistic, the artistic, the sadistic or those just plain bored. At its heart, one can call this a whimsical sort of incantation. There is clearly no practical purpose for this incantation that a dozen others couldn’t do quicker or more efficiently. However, this array is far more satisfying in that it adds a personal touch.

To put it simply, this incantation turns things into gold. Unlike the Midas of legend, however, this only turns living things (or things that once lived) into gold. Only plants and animals are included in this incantation although it is very easy to swap out the Animal and Plant runes for whatever materials you wish to transmute. There is also a secondary restriction to this golden touch in that it has to come from the right hand (or which ever location you specify in your incantation). This way, you have at least one free hand to use while your other one creates golden statues.

In fairness, the Contain and Circle runes which restricts the effects of this incantation to a near direct touch by the right hand is not just there for the dramatic symbolism of a simply touch turning the living into cold, dead, immortal gold; it also acts a safety feature. Remember that humans too are animals and if this effect was not contained to such a degree, a mere wave your right hand in the direction of your body could turn you to gold as well. With this feature you would have to deliberately touch yourself in order to turn yourself to gold.

For this wishing to use this as an array and not an incantation, simply remove the external Right Hand rune and locus and this array is well suited for a blade that could literally slice gold ribbons out of a person. Put this array on a firearms’ rounds, replace the Contain rune with If-Then Animal or Plant loci and you have a golden version of the Sculptor array. Always keep in mind how you can change and adapt arrays and incantations to your needs.

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