Only two weeks to go until both the Sigil System and GLYPH is released!

For those of you not in the know, Sigil System is the backbone of the Runed Age, but don’t just expect that we copied and pasted the rules as is from the Runed Age for you. Oh no, we shaped it up, trimmed it down, beat it around and updated all of the mechanics that needed updating to make sure you get the best roleplaying experience possible.

And not only that, we’ve put in as many special/optional/magical rules as the book can handle. So no matter what genre or style of game you have planned, the Sigil System will be able to cater to for it. Whether you want our original runic magic system, a spoken incantation system, a futuristic psionic system, something a bit more oriental, or even post apocalyptic… we’ve got it.

Or if you feel attached to your good, old d20 then for you we have GLYPH. We’ve taken off everything in the Sigil System but the bare essentials and translated that from d100 to d20 just for you. GLYPH is perfect for your pick-up-and-play games or one-nighters. It’s quick and it’s simple: all you need is 1d20 and a character sheet.

And last but not least, if we haven’t mentioned it before, we’ll mention it again: the Sigil System and GLYPH will be 100% free!

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