This week for Magic Mondays we bring you an icy array that will help get you out of tight spots.

This week we show you the Ice Bomb array.

Notation: Create Water in an area 200 times the size of the array and Cool it at a rate of 64 Degrees Celsius per second if either Wood or Stone is present.

Description: If you think this array looks and sounds anything like the Sound Bomb or Smoke Bomb arrays, then you are right on the money. The Ice Bomb array is another variation of “let’s inscribe an array on small metal balls and throw them around” type of array that seems to work so well in the cramped streets of Middelburg. And the cramped streets of Middelburg is exactly why this type of array works so well: when you don’t have much space in which to manoeuvre then whoever controls that space will undoubtedly walk away from the fight with (most of) his limbs intact.

This array works very simply: it creates a lot of water and then near-instantly freezes it. Unlike the Ice Stone array, this one is not designed to trap opponents (although no one will be unhappy should that eventuate), instead the Ice Bomb is meant to obstruct and impede your opponents. If the array is only 1cm across then the chunk of ice it will produce will be 2 metres in diameter. No imagine throwing half a dozen of these behind you in a cramped alleyway as you are running away from your pursuers (we would hate to imply the constables); the entire alleyway would be filled with rock hard ice that your pursuers will now have to clamber and scrabble over if they want to reach you. You on the other hand have all the time in the world now to make your escape.

One design feature to note with this array is to show you that you can combine If-Then statements and share them between two different loci. As you can see, both the Create and the Cool loci share an If-Then statement. It would make no difference to the effect of the array if you were to give them their own one each, however it will save you time and effort were you to simply combine them.

If you want to get more arrays, check out our Journal of Array Design over on DriveThruRPG, now also available as a deck of magic cards.

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