The Ruined City, is an excellent campaign and a great source of adventures, both randomly encountered and planned, however there are far more to the The Runed Age and the Grand City of Middelburg than just one campaign. And so we will be giving you Quest Giver Fridays, where we take one of the many factions in Middelburg and adjust the Adventure Generator in the Runed Age Corebook to them to give you more varied and unique missions and jobs to do in the city.

This week we bring you the military organisations, because lets face it, sometimes all you want is a jolly good fight. While there are still a variety of missions to do and the organisations come in a few variety of flavours, you know that taking a job from the military means you will end up battered, bloodied and bruised by the end of it. And while these missions will be dangerous and some of you might not make it out alive, for those that do you will be far richer than you were yesterday. You know that if there is one thing no government hesitates to spend money on, it’s the military and if there is one thing the military likes doing, it’s outsourcing its most dangerous missions to mercenaries whose lives don’t matter.

So dangerous? Yes. Lucrative? Even more so.

As with the different temples and religions in our first Quest Giver Fridays, the type of employer you get here will have a dramatic influence on the flavour of the mission. If your employer is the 6th Brigade, you know it will be a land based mission, and most likely a slog fest; if you get the 2nd Fleet, you know it will water based mission; with the 1st and only Airfleet, you will be perilously flying over Middelburg trying hard not to fall to your deaths. The two mercenary employers give a bit more variety in their demands, but in general the Golden Talons focus more on small teams, land based missions while the Triton Wolves are bombastic and on the waves.

So it’s not simply what you are doing that will colour your job, but who your employer is.

The five coat of arms are (from left to right): The Alfresian 6th Infantry Brigade (also known and the Home Guard), the Alfresian 2nd Fleet (also known as the Sitting Fleet), the Alfresian 1st (and only) Airfleet (known as the Sky Chasers), the Golden Talons (mercenaries of the Merchant League), and the Triton Wolves (Tolian Mercenary Privateers). If you want to know more about them, all of these factions are described and discussed in The Runed Age Corebook and The Ruined Adventure Books that you can get from DriveThruRPG.

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