This week for Magic Mondays we give you an array to control the battlefield!

This week we give you the Icestone array.

Notation: Transmute Stone to Water if Stone is present and Cool Water at a rate of 16 degrees Centigrade per second.

Description: A wise man once said that if you can control the field upon which you fight, then you cannot lose that battle. This is as true whether you are in a pitched battle on open ground during a grand war, or in a dirty back-alley fight in the cramped, darkened alleyways of Middelburg. This because more often than not, it isn’t your blade or your firearm which is your greatest weapon, but the environment itself and your ability to manipulate it.

The Icestone is fairly straightforward array that exemplifies the runes arrays’ capability to be used in a variety of situations. The Icestone changes stone/earth/soil into water and then freezes that water. You might not think that is anything special, but its the use of this array that makes it so. The Icestone is meant to be inscribed on small metal balls just like the Smoke Bomb and Sound Bomb arrays. Because of the If-Then statement in the array, the Icestone can gather more than enough energy before you throw the metal ball and it releases all of that at once.

While you can throw it at any piece of stone or ground that you like, the purpose of this array is to be thrown under the feet of your opponents. There it will transmute the stone to water, causing your opponent to fall into it, and then it will freeze the water, holding your opponent tightly so he can’t move. It’s a simple and effective way of getting an opponent out of combat without killing him, or keeping an opponent stationary so that a sharpshooter can get a better aim at him. You can even throw a bunch of these at once towards a group of people to instantly make sure they no longer trouble you.

Sometimes the best way to defeat your opponent is not to attack him directly.

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