The Ruined City, is an excellent campaign and a great source of adventures, both randomly encountered and planned, however there are far more to the The Runed Age and the Grand City of Middelburg than just one campaign. And so we will be giving you Quest Giver Fridays, where we take one of the many factions in Middelburg and adjust the Adventure Generator in the Runed Age Corebook to them to give you more varied and unique missions and jobs to do in the city.

Up this week are the Law Enforcement Organisations! That’s right, no matter how gruesome or debased a criminal you are, you will always find employment with law enforcement. There’s always something they can’t be seen to do, something that would be illegal for them to do, or something they just need a criminal’s expertise for. Whatever it may be, always keep an eye on your back when working for the law, because at the end of the day they are still the law and you are still criminals and they won’t lose any sleep if they arrest you.

On the other hand, you might think of yourself as a righteous vigilante, going where the constables can’t and doing what they are unable to do. In that case, you could do worse than working for the law and building a strong rapport with the establishment. After all, they might arrest you, but they won’t stab a dagger into your back like criminals will. Working clandestinely for the law can be a safe and stable career, but the law never pays as well as crime do.

The four coat of arms are (from left to right): The Middelburg Constabulary, the Alfresian Intelligence Services, Inland Affairs and the Military Provost. If you want to know more about them, all of these factions are described and discussed in The Runed Age Corebook and The Ruined City Adventure Book that you can get from DriveThruRPG.

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