With The Ruined City released, it behoves us to make sure you are as protected as can be when out on the dangerous streets of Middelburg.

This week we give you the Swift Shining Judgement array.

Notation: Transmute Copper, Gold, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tin and Wood into Silver and put on the Silver the effect of Created Lightning.

Description: An illustrious name for a fairly simple defensive array, but seeing as there is a Lightning rune in the array it means this array is very, very new in the city of Middelburg and ostentatious names are the flavour of the month. However, credit must be given where it is due and the ostentatious name of this array certainly matches up to its effects. As with most defensive arrays, the Swift Shining Judgement transmutes whatever is about to hit you into something that can be used offensively against your attacker. In this specific case, the array transmutes a variety of materials into silver while at the same time creating lightning on that silver. This comes with a few positives and negatives.

The positives is that silver is the most conductive of all metals and so transmuting whatever is hitting you into silver means that it will only take the smallest amount of electricity to shock your opponent enough into either dropping his weapon or even completely incapacitating him. Because of this, there is no reason to put a If-Then trigger in order to build up energy. The force from whatever hits the array should be enough to both transmute the part that is hitting the array and electrify it.

The problems with this method of defence are immediate. This array is meant for hand to hand combat, since you need the array to electrocute whomever is attacking you and that won’t work if they are shooting arrows, bolts or rounds at you. The other major issue is that this array simply creates electricity, it does nothing to prevent you getting shocked. So if you want to use this array, put it on something that isn’t very conductive, like a wooden shield, or thick leather armour. As its name implies, its judgement is swift and you don’t want to accidentally get electrocuted by your own array.

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