This week for Magic Mondays we put the power of the gods in your very own hands.

This week we show you the Thunderstruck incantation.

Notation: Create Lightning in an area Contained to the circumference of the array and to a length one million times that of the array’s diameter. Apply to this the effect of a Containment field one tenth as deep as the array’s circumference that excludes Lightning. Cast this from the Right Hand.

Incantation: Behg Fîtî Blîkse Dün Môk Non Ob Hohd Ant Rônde Ant Mürgrot Ant Mürgrot Ant Mürgrot Cob Kîtî Dün Fîtî Ob Hohd Ant Rônde Sôner Blîkse Cob Kîtî Ent Fin Regahnd.

Description: It’s quite a mouthful to incant and nearly a paragraph to notate, but I’m sure you will instantly see something familiar in this incantation, and that is the Hammer of the Gods array. It is the very same array that the airships that float above the clouds of Alfresia use for their thunder cannons shrunk down to fit, quite literally, in the palm of your hand. With a range of one million times the array’s (or in this case your hand’s) circumference, the Thunderstruck incantation can hit anything that you can see. For all that, I am sure you can imagine what would happen if you link yourself to an object by a bolt of lightning. You might kill it, but you know you will die in the process.

That is why the secondary array in the top left exists. It is the safeguard that a person needs that the airship can do away with. If a wooden cannon get’s destroyed, it means nothing, however a person only has one chance. The secondary creates a containment field right against the array (or hand) that excludes lightning. This means that the lightning bolt can still fire (because the secondary array does not cover the whole containment field created by the primary array), but the lightning created can not bounce back or even touch your hand. It will be as if the lightning starts in mid air.

While a lightning strike is an immensely powerful weapon to have in one’s arsenal, just remember that because of the safeguard secondary array, the incantation is quite long, which means it will not be easy to ever use this in combat.

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