This week for Magic Mondays we continue with our now-trilogy of piratic arrays.

This week we give you the Blue Rose’s Kiss array.

Notation: Create Air of a volume ten times that of the array’s area if Water is present and Cool Air at a rate of 16 degrees Celsius per second.

Description: It is a beautiful and charming name for an array often used to commit the greatest of atrocities. The Blue Rose’s Kiss was designed to create fog for pirate vessels to hide in, but more often than not, to create a smokescreen to hide their approach to far flung villages and ports in order to pillage, rape, burn, steal and destroy what they could.

For an array this barbaric, and created by a barbarian, it has a touch of ingenuity to it. This is because the array does not create the fog itself, rather it creates the conditions necessary to naturally create fog. Fog, much like clouds, spawn when water in the air condenses. The higher the humidity and the cooler the air, the greater the chance of fog and the more there would be. That is why this array cools air so rapidly and only produces air when water is present. This last bit is important as the Blue Rose’s Kiss is meant to be inscribed on cannonballs and shot into the distance. Thus, when the cannonball is facing towards the water, it will create air, kicking up as much water as possible in order to increase the humidity.

For air to condense, it needs something to cling to. Sea salt is fantastic for this job, and as the array kicks up a great amount of air, it also kicks up sea salt into the air to start the condensation process. This means that wherever these cannonballs are shot to, fog and violence soon follow.

The array is named after the ancient Alfresian pagan goddess of the oceans: The Blue Rose. She was a cruel mistress who expected obedience and sacrifice, and it was said she would come upon the morning fogs to claim what was hers were she not pleased with the humans’ offerings. As she came to reap her harvest, so the pirates come to reap theirs. The only way to know if it is a natural fog or a kiss from the Blue Rose is the whispers in the fogs, the susurration caused by the cannonballs writhing around in the water kicking up air and salt. However, this could simply be the Blue Rose herself, whispering the names of the men she has come to claim for her watery deaths.

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