The release of The Ruined City campaign book is only five weeks away! With that we thought we’d take the last few weeks and show you the projects that we have in store for the future.

Last week we gave you vampires, this week we give you psychic knights with Avalon: The Grail Star!

Moving from the present into the future, but bringing that sense of fantasy along for the ride. Avalon: The Grail Star is neither science fiction or science fantasy, but comfortably finds its home somewhere in between. I
t draws from science fiction the grim realities of the future and what mankind would realistically be able to achieve, given our current technological progress. While it takes some liberties (the ever present fictional handwave of anti-gravity on space vessels), it stays true the harder lines of science fiction.

And yet fantasy abounds in the universe of Avalon in the form of Psionic Powers, the magic of the Avalon setting. With Psionic Powers, humans can read and control minds, see the future and the past and move things without touching them. The impact that the Psionics had, and have, on the setting is the cornerstone of the setting. This is because all the players will play as Psionics and so they will see the fantasy and the science first hand.

Avalon takes places far in the future. How far? None can tell anymore. All they know is that centuries ago, the world came to a very literal end. The earth is no more and humanity is divided among the planets, moons, asteroids and artificial stations of our solar system. When the world was destroyed, so too were nearly all information about us and our planet, making any scrap of information about earth and life on it more valuable than gold.

Piecing together an entire world’s history from the merest scraps is abominably difficult and telling fact from fiction and history from myth is almost impossible. This is has led to the legend of Arthur, King of Earth, and his twelve knights, encased in stone, set under the roots of a mountain on the island of Avalon that itself rests among the heavens. Should he be found, he will be able to create a new earth for humanity.

It is up the Psionic Knights of the spaceship Grail Star to hunt out any clues for where Avalon lays, and find humanity’s king. Along the way they will do what they can to save humans from the evil tyranny of petty post-apocalyptic warlords and psionic slave armies.

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