The release of The Ruined City campaign book is only six weeks away, only a month and a half to go! With that we thought we’d take the last few weeks and show you the projects that we have in store for the future.

Last week we gave you the fantastical magical adventures of the past and this week we show you The Umbral War!

Moving from the past into the modern world! The Umbral War takes place in modern day Earth, although in fact the War has been raging since man first put ink to paper.

An umbra is the darkest part of a solar eclipse and this deepest darkness surrounded by a ring of light perfectly captures the spirit of The Umbral War, as the setting is all about the demonic, wild darkness trying to escape and infect the world, while the thin, fragile yet blinding ring of light attempts to hold in that darkness.

In The Umbral War, you will take the role of either a Knight of the Order of the Sunstrike (or simply the Sunstrike Knights for short) or a member of one of the various tribes, clans, or hidden kingdoms of vampires that dwell in the shadows of the night.

Both groups want to eliminate the other and they have the powers to make this dream a reality. The vampires are uncontrollable beasts trapped in human form that slowly transform into their true selves the longer they go without blood and can bring horrific shadow magic to bear against their enemies. The Sunstrike Knights are holy and virtuous and use the power of the sun itself to banish the vampires into the deepest pits of hell while having the ability to heal normal humans.

Who will you choose to be? The predator in a world of prey, there for the taking? Or the valiant knight, the guardian of mankind, always keeping the demonic forces at bay until your last breath. Choose wisely, as the outcome of this shadow war rest entirely on your hands. The world is yours to shape.

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