The release of The Ruined City campaign book is only seven weeks away, and so we thought we’d take the last few weeks and show you the projects that we have in store for the future.

This week we show you Soulbourn!

Soulbourn will be unlike we have done or will ever do in the future. Other than the distinctly east Asian feel of its setting and aesthetic, will be a proper old-school, retro JRPG transformed into a tabletop roleplaying game. We grew up on the great classic videogame RPGs from Japan and there is nothing we love more than flinging ourselves into the pixelated worlds and their MIDI soundtracks and getting lost for hours, days, weeks and even months. It is this love that we will be bringing to the tabletop, and that immersion that we want to give as much through text and imagination as the old JRPGs did through pixels.

Everything about Soulbourn will be set out as if it was a true videogame, from the structure of the story to how the setting is revealed to the player, to even how the player can interact with the world. Everything will be done to make it feel like you as a group are playing the best damn JPRG on that old and clunky console. Because of this, there will be a few things that Soulbourn does different to a regular tabletop RPG book.

Firstly, Soulbourn will be one immense campaign spread across four books, called Discs, that will take you through the whirlwind story of Soulborn, from where you meet the rag tag group heroes for the first time to the end where they are fighting for the very soul world itself. Soulbourn will not be a setting book in the traditional sense, but rather it will a campaign that will show and share the world with you as you play the game. The more you explore, the more of the world you will get to know.

The other main difference between Soulbourn and other RPG corebooks is that in Soulbourn, you won’t create your own characters, but instead you will play as premade characters that have their own histories and connections and are already entwined into the story of Soulborn before you even pick up the book. You will follow, control, and lead these characters on their journey across the four Disks of the game to their eventual fate. Will you see them through to the end, or will they perish before they reach their destiny?

Finally, the mechanics of Soulbourn have been changed as well. Based on the tried and true Sigil System, we have tweaked the mechanics in order for it to better emulate that retro JRPG feel. From the combat to the magic to the diplomacy, everything will be tweaked a little bit this way and a little bit that way to get that JRPG feeling just right.

If you would like to help us making all these systems and games a reality, why not become a patron of Stormforge Productions on Patreon and with your help we can get all these games developed and then so much more! Have a look at our Patreon here:

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