This week for Magic Mondays we bring you an array that will give you that peace and quiet you always wanted.

This week we bring you the Quiet Peace Array.

Notation: Stop Time within an area 100 times that of the array’s circumference and exclude from this Humans, Air, Sound and Light.

Description: Bad things happen. That is a simply a fact. Bad things happen and most often there is very little we can do about it. What we can do however, is to stoically accept this fact of life and then try and fix the problem, right the wrong, and set back on course that which went astray. Crying never solved anything, action did, and that is what the Quiet Peace array is all about: fixing mistakes.

The Quiet Peace array does one thing and one thing only: it stops time. However, this alone does not solve a problem, it merely delays it. And a problem delayed is not a problem averted. So to help fix the problem, this arrays ensures that four things are not frozen in time: humans, air, light and sound. You might think that with humans not frozen in time, this array has very little affect. You would be wrong. By freezing their armour, their clothing, their weapons and everything else they might be carrying on them, every person caught within the bounds of this array’s effects are kept prisoner by these very things. By stopping time for their clothes, these cloths cannot be moved and thus are as inflexible as steel… until time reasserts itself and then every movement done to the objects within this array’s field of effect happens all at once.

So now we know this array keeps people prisoner, but allows them to see, hear, speak and breathe. For what purpose? To talk things over. That is the heart of this array’s purpose: to talk about things before someone gets too badly hurt. Not everyone battle and conflict you will find yourself in in Middelburg has someone to blame. Sometimes bad things just happen to everyone involved, and once everyone agrees they would rather not die, they can all go home for dinner… once the array has run out of energy and released them of course.

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