This week for Magic Mondays we bring you an array that will help you make the most of your Sigils.

This week we bring you the Resting Helper Array.

Notation: Push Stone at a speed of 0.5m/s to a height 10 times the array’s circumference if Stone is present within an area 10 times the array’s circumference.

Description: In the gun twirling, swashbuckling city of Middelburg, very few people take the time to relax, calm down and actually aim. Of these stoic folk who can take their time when bullets and blades are flying around, even fewer take advantage of the runes and arrays to help them with their aim. These rare, legendary type of people are those that nearly always walk away from a battle with all their limbs intact, because they know that it is not the amount of bullets you shoot at your enemy that counts, but rather the amount that hit. And if you only need to shoot one bullet, why on earth would you ever want to shoot more?

The Resting Helper does exactly what its name implies: it helps to rest your weapon so that you can take aim from a steady vantage point. Rather than trying to use a cumbersome monopod or bipod to steady your firearm, you can use this array which is not only more convenient when carrying around your musket, but also allows for a better range of movement.

The array works by slowly pushing off a stone surface up to a specified height. If the array is only 2cm across, fairly standard for a musket barrel, then it will only lift the weapon 20cm above the stone, ever so slowly. The slow speed at which it works is paramount to its effectiveness because it allows you to push down against that force, so if you need to reposition the barrel, you can and after you have done so the array will lift the weapon again to its specified height. This allows a musket a greater range of movement and gives a sniper a greater firing arc without sacrificing accuracy.

In The Runed Age RPG, you can spend a Sigil to gain a +25 bonus or a reroll on any Skill Check where your arrays are helping you. This is where the Resting Helper truly comes into its own. It helps you aim, thus when you do aim, you can spend a Sigil to gain a +25 bonus to your Shoot Skill Check as well as gaining the Aiming Bonus Modifier (half your Shoot Skill Level). So if you only have a Shoot Skill Level of 40, this means that you will gain a +45 bonus to your Skill Check, giving you an 85% success rate on any Challenging Task. Now that is something you can take to the bank.

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