The release of The Ruined City campaign book is getting closer and closer, and so we thought we’d take the last few weeks and show you the projects that we have in store for the future.

This week we show you Fulcrum!

The sister setting to The Runed Age that exemplifies many of the philosophies in that setting. In The Runed Age, you are catapulted into the merciless city of Middelburg and then left to the wolves. Between the near almighty Merchant League, the corrupt politicians and all the other criminals in the metropolis, it is all you can do to survive. Being ground beneath the heels of giants puts life into perspective and you will do what you never thought yourself capable of in order to see the next sunrise.

But if you were the giant? What if you were all powerful and omnipotent with the powers of the gods at your beck and call? Could you still justify your actions, however wrong or malicious they are? There is no one to stop you, but your own conscience. Could you look yourself in the mirror knowing you did what you did? Or will the strong subjugate the weak as nature intended? Will you become the next god-emperor and rule the lands as you see fit?

Fulcrum is a game of morality where all the power is put into your hands. What you do with it is entirely up to you. Although, even as a godlike being, your actions won’t be entirely without consequences.
In Fulcrum, you take the role of a Stem, an artificial human created by the gods and gifted with their Words of Creation and Destruction. You are their final gamble to see which god is best, that of Creation or of Destruction. As such, the two gods will bribe you with “gifts” the more your morality aligns with theirs.

Over time, your outward appearance will change until you are no longer human, but beware that these gifts all come with their own strengths and weakness and they are permanent. What may seem to be a blessing today could be a cruel curse tomorrow.

Fulcrum runs on the same magic system as The Runed Age, but where in The Runed Age the arrays are drawn and carved, in Fulcrum they are only spoken. Your incantations and spells have the capacity to change the world, so use your words carefully.

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