This week for Magic Mondays we bring you an array that speaks about the moral heart of a person.

This week we bring you the Friendly Warning Array.

Notation: Create 1000 Lumens of Light per square centimetre if a Human is within ten times the size of the array’s diameter.

Description: Not every trap has to be lethal, or even harmful. Sometimes a trap is just there as a warning. Much like “Beware of Dog” signs on the fence around a person’s home, the Friendly Warning array was created in order warn passer-bys that the area they are walking into is perhaps not the safest one to be in and it would be best if they moved along quickly. Whether there is in fact any danger is best left to the imagination, but the warning has been given and so the person entering is doing so at their own risk.

The Friendly Warning is usually placed in alleyways belonging to gangs, around areas being investigated by constables or even out in the wilderness where the military is busy with their wargames. Because of the If-Then statement in the array, the array can be placed and forgotten as it will absorb energy from its surroundings, slowly but surely, and expel them only when it has been triggered by a passing human.

While the array is fairly common in Middelburg, it comes as quite a surprise to even those looking for it because a 1000 lumens per square centimetre is a like a lightbulb going off against your eyeballs. That is half the point, because should anyone come with any nefarious intentions, the array will momentarily blind them and leave them open for attack. Anyone with half a mind will quickly take cover and hope they are still in one piece. If they came at night, then surely everyone within a 100 metres saw that sudden flash of light and will know where it came from, meaning any element of surprise has been lost. Hopefully this will mean the attackers withdraw and no blood has to be shed this night.

However, the use of the Friendly Warning array comes down to the morality of a person. Because it is a trap, because it suddenly blinds a person, and because it will light them up like a full moon on a cloudless night, it is far too easy to take advantage of the situation. More than one killer has placed this array in narrow street and alleyways, waiting for a person to trigger the array, become stunned and then shoot the poor unfortunate so lit up like a noon day sun.

This is an array whose lethality is entirely up to you, so what will you choose?

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