With the release of The Ruined City campaign book only two months out, we thought we’d take a few weeks and show you the projects that we have in store for the future.

And with that, we’ll start with The Sigil System

The Sigil System is our own unique system that forms the mechanical basis on which The Runed Age was built. Now we’ll be releasing it as its own, and upgraded, ruleset in September. Not only was, and is, The Runed Age built on top of the Sigil System, but each of our future settings, campaigns, and games will also be using the Sigil System.

The Sigil System book will give you all the rules you need to play absolutely any genre of tabletop RPG. You can use it to play anything from fantasy to science fiction, horror to noir mystery and everything in between. That is not all that The Sigil System will give you. Other than all these generic rules, The Sigil System will give you all the magical, supernatural and unique rules for each of the systems and games we will showcase over the next few weeks, giving you a multitude of different playstyles to use as well as paving the way for the future.

All of this in one book, and it will be all yours in September!

If you would like to help us making all these systems and games a reality, why not become a patron of Stormforge Productions on Patreon and with your help we can get all these games developed and then so much more! Have a look at our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/stormforgeproductions?ty=h

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