This week for Magic Mondays we bring you an explosive array that can much more than just save your life.

This week we bring you the Mirror Shot Array.

Notation: Transmute Copper, Gold, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tin and Wood into Iron of a size 100 times smaller than the array and Push that Iron at a speed of 256 m/s.

Description: Whomever first spoke the idiom “offence is the best defence” must have been thinking of the Mirror Shot array when he spoke those immortal words. The Mirror Shot array is a transmutative defensive array that draws from the same base model as the Flame Ward, Armour of Light and The Prophet’s Blood arrays but instead of transmuting whatever material hits it into fire, light and water (respectively), the Mirror Shot transmutes these materials into a tiny piece of iron that is violently pushed away from the array at three quarters the speed of sound. In effect, the Mirror Shot is a gun-shield.

While the workings of the array is fairly simple, it’s application is always. This array has always been intended to be solely used on a shield, or other sturdy, strong and flat object. Not only because a shield gives good uniform coverage of your body, but also because firearms have recoil. As anyone who has handled a firearm will tell you, they all kick; some like a mule, others like a toddler, but kicking is what firearms do… other than kill things. Placing this array on your clothing, especially on your arms, is a sure fire way to have your limbs buck and jump seemingly of their own accord when you least want them to. It’s far better to have the recoil dissipate through the broad surface of the shield and the arms strapped securely to it than having your wrist snapped.

For those who prowls the streets of Middelburg committing nefarious deeds, they will be pleased to hear that the Mirror Shot array has found its home on the streets. While it was first designed for military use, urban combat is a much more natural fit for it. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that you can’t quite aim this array. It is on a shield, which is hard enough to aim as it is, and you never know when a blow or strike is coming, meaning you can “shoot” off a “round” without realising it. Extremely hazardous in combat when you are surrounded by your allies, but amazing in the narrow streets and alleyways of Middelburg, where a ricochet is as dangerous a well aimed shot. The other reason is that this array is as suited to ranged combat as it is melee. The benefits of a shield that can shoot an opponent a metre away from you is self-evident, but by pushing the tiny piece of iron at three quarters the speed of sound, this array can shoot a sniper as easily as he can shoot you.

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