This week we conclude our series of character sheets looking at the Inhumans who began the Great War nearly 2000 years ago. There are six Inhuman species and this is the sixth one, but we left the best for last!

When playing as the Inhumans, remember that the runes and arrays were given to humans only, meaning that while the Inhumans could draw and use the runes, there wouldn’t have been much of a chance to do so when they were at war with humans. Also keep in mind that only human blood can activate the arrays (other than energy and orichalcum of course). Inhuman blood has no effect on the arrays just like animal blood.

So lastly this week are the Riusdyr!

The Riusdyr, also known as the Ogres, are the last remaining Inhuman species on the planet. This is because they allied with us humans (or rather we humans bribed them to ally with us) during the Great War nearly 2000 years ago. As a reward, we didn’t slaughter them all during the Great Purge as we did the other five Inhuman species. However, time is a cruel mistress, and poaching and hunting have made the Ogres a critically endangered species.

As you can see, the Ogre’s character sheet is a bit special, and that is because you can play as an Ogre in The Runed Age even if you didn’t want to retread the steps of the Great War. So we made it as true to the Ogres as we can. As you can see, with a Constitution Skill going from 100 – 200, there are a LOT of wounds. That is what makes the Ogres so dangerous is combat, they can soak up any amount of damage and still keep going. To go with all these wounds, the Ogres have a natural armour rating of 30 on all Hit Locations. This is because they can’t use the runes and arrays, meaning they have no Sigils to spend. So to make up for that, we made them even tougher.

It is their strength which defines them and that is why they have the two Skill Specialisations. They are not the quickest things on the planet and therefore they don’t have a high Athletics Skill, but there are few things stronger than they on the planet. Similarly, they are not the best in combat, but if they do connect with you, you will not survive.

Some excerpts from The Runed Age Corebook about the Riusdyr.

“While they may have the intelligence of a four year old human child and a limited vocabulary, an ogre’s loyalty is always above question and for their great loyalty we humans not once hesitated to grant them the same status as humans. They were our protective, larger brothers and we strove to protect them in kind.”

“With their hunched over frames standing over 3 metres tall, an ogre is truly an intimidating sight to behold. Whatever man brave or foolish enough to attack anyway will face a hide tougher than any leather with hair as course as hemp to protect it, and hands that can encircle a fully grown man to pulp and smash the intruder to bits.”

“One startling similarity between all ogre cultures is the concept of “gift giving”. This concept is virtually unchanged in all ogre societies, even those who have never met a human before. This concept entails that any gift that one receives must be kept until it is either broken or, as in most cases, eaten. A gift must never be thrown away or lost, as this is a deep shame that some ogres have been killed for.”

To learn more about the Riusdyr, all the other Inhumans and the lore of The Runed Age, you can purchase the book from DriveThruRPG at:

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