Last week we had brawns, this week we have brains as we continue with series of character sheets looking at the Inhumans who began the Great War nearly 2000 years ago.

When playing as the Inhumans, remember that the runes and arrays were given to humans only, meaning that while the Inhumans could draw and use the runes, there wouldn’t have been much of a chance to do so when they were at war with humans. Also keep in mind that only human blood can activate the arrays (other than energy and orichalcum of course). Inhuman blood has no effect on the arrays just like animal blood.

Next up this week are the Akkedyr!

The Akkedyr were alien things, strange things, things that did not seem natural. Both insectoid and reptillian, they frightened men more than any other Inhuman race, because they could think as we could. They were never physically powerful creatures, as evident by their physical Skill Levels all being below 100, but they had their slave armies to do their fighting. However, they were master intellectuals. Their Lore and Will Skill Level start at 100 and cap at 200, meaning there was little they did not know or could find out with their Investigate and Intimidate Skill also breaking the Level 100 cap.

Some excerpts from The Runed Age Corebook about the Cordyr.

“Cold, calculating, the Scourge of the West and the bane of our civilisation. The Cordyr may have been affable, the Froskdyr fascinating, the Riusdyr loyal, the Kwendyr mysterious and the Sauddyr vain, but none exemplified cruelty as much as the Akkedyr.”

“However, unlike the Sauddyr, the Akkedyr prefered dry, arid regions and more importantly, they could understand us humans as no other inhuman could. ”

“The surviving texts speak of a dissociative state the Akkedyr could undergo whereby they would truly believe themselves to be of the race they were mimicking. Through this they could speak our tongue, read our alphabets and even debate with us. Some philosophers have called them the most intelligent of the inhumans for their ability to see right into the hearts of men, even though their own true thoughts were so alien to us.”

“There were absolutely no differences between males and female because Akkedyr were both at once. When not in heat, Akkedyr had no genders, no sex, they simply were. Only during heat would the environment dictate who would be male for that cycle and who would be female.”

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