This week on Magic Mondays we bring a blast from the past, a type of array not seen since we released our four part video on how to create arrays.

This week we bring you another spell, another incantation. This week we bring you the Moonlight Candle spell.

Notation: Create a Sphere of Light as wide across the array and Push this sphere at a speed of 1 metre per second to a height equal to the width of the array. The source of this spell is the Right Hand.

Incantation: Behg Ob Jôcht Ant Bol Ant Gerittel Cob Dün Môk Non Ob Ydruch Ant Rônde Ant Grot Cob Ent Fin Regahnd

Description: Every mage needs a spell to light his way, a magical candle to read his magical tomes by, a parlour trick to scare off the peasants. The Moonlight Candle does this. It is a very simple spell that does a very simple task: it creates a small ball of light. How it does this is a bit more complex. The Light rune creates 1 lumen of light per cm3 so to know how much light is created, you first have to know how large a sphere you are creating. Since this spell originates from the right hand (and it is easily enough changed to originate from the left hand), you first have to know how large your hand is.

The average adult palm is roughly 8cm across. So with a simple bit of maths to work out the volume of a sphere, we know that a sphere of light as large as the palm of a hand would have a volume of 268cm3, which translates neatly into 268 lumens. This is roughly equivalent to a 30 Watt incandescent light bulb. So it’s not the strongest light in the world, but since it will be coming from the palm of your hand, you don’t want to blind yourself with it. It’s just strong enough to see by and to light your way.

The other somewhat complicated part of the array is the Push-Circle-Large part. Remember that the Circle rune creates a disk as deep as a tenth of the array’s width and any size rune modifying it increases its depth, not its width. This means that the Large rune modifying it makes its depth as wide across as the array’s width. The size rune turned the disk into a cylinder. By then modifying the Push rune with these, what you are telling the array to do is push the sphere of light up to the boundary set by the Circle-Large runes. So this means the sphere of light will only be pushed up to the width of your hand and no further. In effect, it has created a floating ball of light.

While you can’t use incantations like these in The Runed Age, when the Sigil System is released in September, it will detail all the rules (and all the words for the runes) for the incantation system for you to use in your games. In the (somewhat) distant future, we will release Fulcrum, a game we are working on that will be based entirely around this Incantation system, so stay tuned.

Until then, you can watch the video we made about creating your own incantations here:

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