This week we continue with series of character sheets looking at the Inhumans who began the Great War nearly 2000 years ago.

When playing as the Inhumans, remember that the runes and arrays were given to humans only, meaning that while the Inhumans could draw and use the runes, there wouldn’t have been much of a chance to do so when they were at war with humans. Also keep in mind that only human blood can activate the arrays (other than energy and orichalcum of course). Inhuman blood has no effect on the arrays just like animal blood.

Next up this week are the Cordyr!

This week we start seeing the more “inhuman” Inhumans whereby their max Skill Levels will be able to go beyond what even the best human is capable of. The Cordyr are an excellent example of this. They stand, on average, only three feet tall and so their lives, and their perspectives on life, will be vastly different than our own. Being of canine origins also means that their perceptive senses are far more attuned to the world than our own, and this is why their Perception Skill ranges from 60-130 and their Investigate Skill Ranges from 50-130. Like other canines, the Cordyr have immense families that they can call upon and so their contacts can go up to a whopping Level 150.

On the other hand, while they have safety in numbers and can spot a threat coming a mile off, they are tiny little things and that can be bad once something comes close. Their Athletics range from 20-90, their Constitution from 10-60, and their Fight from 15-55. They are exceedingly terrible in a fair fight, and that is why they developed crossbows.

Some excerpts from The Runed Age Corebook about the Cordyr.

“While their diminutive stature did not lend itself to the melee of war, they had already invented an early form of the crossbow, allowing them to be deadly at range without the need of training or strength. But what truly set them apart was their sense of smell, even today we still say a man has the nose of a Cordyr”

“They were indifferent to the cold of the far north, where they first met us, their fur merely growing thicker among the northern populations. This adaptation to the environment suited them well in their semi- nomadic lifestyle, shepherding their herds across the vast lands, always in search of greener pastures.”

“The Cordyr’s affinity with their herds, and most animals, are by now legendary. Much like how our hounds are adept at herding sheep and cattle and seem to have a preternatural sense when hunting, so did the Cordyr. It said they were so close to animals that they could know precisely what their herds or even their prey was thinking.”

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