This week we continue with series of character sheets looking at the Inhumans who began the Great War nearly 2000 years ago.

When playing as the Inhumans, remember that the runes and arrays were given to humans only, meaning that while the Inhumans could draw and use the runes, there wouldn’t have been much of a chance to do so when they were at war with humans. Also keep in mind that only human blood can activate the arrays (other than energy and orichalcum of course). Inhuman blood has no effect on the arrays just like animal blood.

Next up this week are the Kwendyr!

The scholars of Middelburg say that the Kwendyr are what we humans could have become had we not been uplifted by the grace of the gods. They are beastial and savage and this is reflected on their character sheets. In mental tasks they are worse than us humans, and you can see this with their max 40 in Runes and 50 in Lore. However, they start off with a 40 in Fight and Shoot and 50 in Athletics, so when it come to the physical side of things, they have a headstart in life. None of their skills go above 100 like some other Inhumans, so some humans can have the upper hand over them, but they do start off better.

Some excerpts from The Runed Age Corebook about the Sauddyr.

“Like miniscule ogres were they, unable to comprehend speech, script or runes, gutterly barking at each other in order to be understood.”

“They did not fight us on the field with honour. Like the other inhumans, they had no concept of this word, preferring the dark and the element of surprise to attack us. Where the Froskdyr would wait for us in the rivers and swamps, the Kwendyr would await us in the trees, waiting for a caravan to pass by before dropping onto us.”

“Of the inhuman races, we know the least of the Kwendyr. We know that they never progressed past stone tools, being given metal weapons by the Sauddyr. We know that they lived by the absolute rule of “might makes right” as so many beasts do, with the strongest among them (predominantly males) ruling over however a number of Kwendyr he could control and having the pick of any mates he so chose. Beyond this, there is little I can tell you.”

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