This week we begin a new series of character sheets for you and, due to popular demand, we are taking a look at the Inhumans who began the Great War nearly 2000 years ago.

Only one of the six Inhuman species still survive to this day, the giant Ogres, but if you are keen on playing some sessions set in the mythical times of ages past, then these will definitely help you.

When playing as the Inhumans, remember that the runes and arrays were given to humans only, meaning that while the Inhumans could draw and use the runes, there wouldn’t have been much of a chance to do so when they were at war with humans. Also keep in mind that only human blood can activate the arrays (other than energy and orichalcum of course). Inhuman blood has no effect on the arrays just like animal blood.

First up this week are the Sauddyr!

The Sauddyr are perhaps the closest in stature and abilities to humans and as such you can see they range in Skill Levels from 30 – 100 just like regular humans. The only skill where they are worse than humans are of course Runes, which start at 0 but can, if the Sauddyr study hard enough, reach 100 like regular humans.

Some excerpts from The Runed Age Corebook about the Sauddyr.

“No two specimens still existing or draughted in old manuscripts look the same. The sheer variety among the Sauddyr are extraordinary. Oh, they share similar features: eyes that can move independently of each other, a lizards tough scaly hide, a propensity for horns and barbs and spikes, but that is where the similarity end. Some have barbs and spines across their body, making them akin to a hedgehog while others sport massive horns from their crowns in an assortment of numbers. Some are as green as a summer forest, while others could hide amongst the basalt of an active volcano.”

“While the Sauddyr were not overly fond of clothing, each surviving taxidermied specimen is riddled full of holes meant for piercing, again showing the vanity of these creatures who would bedeck themselves in so much precious metals in order to show that they alone are the best. Amid all the historical records of the Sauddyr, this last thought is repeated again and again. The Sauddyr were positively obsessed with showing off their splendour and power. Each one had to outdo his neighbour in order to show who was the best among them.”

To learn more about the Sauddyr, all the other Inhumans and the lore of The Runed Age, you can purchase the book from DriveThruRPG at:

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