First we gave you man’s mighty steed and last week we gave you man’s valiant hound. This week, however, we aren’t giving you a pet to play with.

This week we give you our third animal: the ferocious bear!

Definitely not an animal you will encounter in your daily life in Middelburg, except for a pleasant trip to the zoological gardens, but there is more to Alfresia than just one city. If you ever think of venturing outside Middelburg, especially on foot, you better beware because the east-Fresian brown bear is powerful and ornery creature.

Middelburg, as it name implies, sits between two mountain ranges. Should you leave the city by any means other than boat, you will find yourself in the highlands and that is where the native brown bear makes it home. In recent times there has been a decline in the bear population as the roads become more frequently travelled, but once out of sight of civilisation you will find more than enough to keep you occupied.

For the purposes of gameplay, bears are incredible combatants. With a minimum Constitution of 60 and Fight of 70, you have to be particularly brave or stupid (or both) to take on a bear single handedly. If you think running away will help you, you might forget that an angry and hungry bear is one of the fastest things on four legs and with an Investigate and Perception minimum of 40, you will be hard pressed to escape it.

A bear is a dangerous beast, so act accordingly.

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