Last week on Animal Fridays we gave you the character sheet of man’s mighty steed. This week we give you man’s best friend, and not only that, we give you the breed that you will most commonly find on the dirty streets of Middelburg.

This week we give you our second animal: the valiant dog!

If you compare the top character sheet of the DOG with last week’s HORSE sheet, you will find that there is a far, far larger range of skill levels for each type of skill. This is because, while horses were trained mainly only to pull things and carry things, different breeds of dogs were bred for their own purposes. We have hunting dogs, ranging dogs, guard dogs, show dog, companion dogs, sniffer dogs, all sort of dogs!

The other thing to notice is that there are quite a few skills that break the 100 skill level cap of humans, most notably Investigate and Perception. It is simply the case that the senses of dogs are unbelievably better than that of a human; the sense of smell of sniffer dogs can be up to 6000 times better than a human’s sense of smell.

The second, lower, character sheet is the breed of dog most often found in Middelburg and the dog you will encounter 9 times out of 10 in the city. The Middelburg Mongrel, otherwise known as a City Mutt, is just that, a mongrel of dozens of different breeds of dogs all mashed together over the centuries. No one is sure anymore which breed forms the base of the Mongrel, all they know is that the shaggy, drooling thing can be found everywhere, and if you aren’t careful the feisty things can get quite aggressive and they know which part of the human body to target.

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