The arrays can do beautiful and wonderful things, but they can be deadly, cruel, and horrifying as well. This week we show you a dark side of the arrays.

This week we give you the Crypt’s Breath array.

Notation: Create Arsenic if Stone is present within the area of the array’s effects and Heat Arsenic at a rate of 512 degrees Centigrade per second.

Description: Much like the Peace of Mind array, this array deals with arsenic as an offensive weapon, and much like the Peace of Mind this array gives a cruel death to all those it meets. 300 milligrams of arsenic in the blood is a lethal dose. At such doses and beyond, symptoms appear within 30 minutes and include confusion, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhoea. Then comes convulsions, cramps, pigmentation colouring, blood in the urine, hair loss, troubled breathing, immense pain all before collapsing into a coma less than 24 hours later and soon after. This array can provide doses of arsenic that merely being in its presence is a death sentence only a few hours after exposure.

Arsenic in its natural form is a dull grey metallic crystal, however when heated to above 887 degrees Centigrade, it can sublime and turn into a gas. It takes less than two seconds for this array to reach that temperature and that is its purpose: to create an arsenic gas that the enemy will inhale and then succumb to arsenic poisoning. Throw this into a crowded room and you won’t even have to get your hands dirty. Arsenic gas smells only faintly of garlic and that is the only warning your enemies will have.

The trigger for this array is Stone, but that can be changed to whatever you need. It’s purpose is only to make sure the array can build up the required energy it needs. Heating something up at the rate of of 512 degrees Centigrade per second requires a lot of energy after all. This array is most often inscribed on a metal ball and either thrown or shot by a cannon where it needs to go, so you can think of this as a poison grenade.

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