Our new project for Fridays is to give you some character sheets of things you might not have thought about using in your games. Specifically, animals!

Yes, our furry and feathered friends can have character sheets of their own, and can even have wound slots and hit locations!

The character sheets will be giving you over the next few weeks will be the truncated tables rather than full character sheets for humans just to make it easier to get your head around. Each of the Skill Levels in the tables will also be given in a range rather than a fixed number, because each breed of an animal will be different in characteristics so you can play around within that range to create the animal you want. It will also allow you to increase the skills of any animals you own over time, just like with humans.

With all that said and done, here’s our first animal: the trusty horse!

While the horses the people of Middelburg and the wider world of the Runed Age are very similar to ours in the real world, there are a few differences. The main one and most obvious are the horns. Yes, horses in The Runed Age have horns like goats as you will see in all the images of horses in the corebook. This is because what the people of the Runed Age call horses evolved from goat like animals. This means that the horses you will find in the game are slightly shaggier than our real world horses, are better at climbing, and have some magnificent horns.

One of the key ways of distinguishing breeds of horses are by the shape and size of their horns. The Fresian horses have curled horns much like sheep and quite shaggy fur, while the desert horses of the Neoist western states have sleek, soft fur and long straight horns. The horns are not only just for decorative purposes as the animals use these horns in their mating displays and can actually be taught to use them in combat. Warhorses often have their horns covered in sharp, thick metal and taught to run headfirst into enemies. Many a massgrave are filled with dead humans stuck onto the heads of dead warhorses.

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