A tad late but it’s better late than never as they say!

This week’s array is for those of you who prefer to get up close and personal to your foes.

This week we give you the Furnace Fist array.

Notation: Create Fire if Animal or Wood or Stone or Iron is present within the array’s field of effect.

Description: It’s symmetrical, it’s simple, it’s easy to understand. What more could you want from an array? The name immediately gives away the purpose of this array, furnace and fist can mean only thing: fire punches!

Arrays like these are often found on knuckledusters, gauntlets, or even tattooed onto a person’s knuckles. The key to this array, and other like it, is not what is created or even what triggers, but how it is triggered. There are four different Create runes with four different triggers (although you can add many more than this), and it is of the utmost importance to have it arranged like this, because it means each trigger works independently. If you had two or more triggers attached to the same Create rune, that rune would only activate if both triggers are set off; it becomes a “this and that” trigger rather than a “this or that” trigger.

Like all arrays with If-Then statements and triggers, the Furnace Fist array gets its effectiveness from the triggers. Until one of the triggers is activated, this array will continually absorb energy from wherever it can find it: heat, light, kinetic energy, etc. So that means when you do punch someone with this, it’s not just the energy from your punch which determines how much fire is created, but all the energy it has stored up until that punch.

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