Today is the tenth and final character for our Character Friday series! Now you have ten completely different characters to get you going in the mad city of Middelburg.

This last character one from perhaps the other side of the fence that you are used to.

All the character’s skills and backstory were created just by using the Runed Age’s Character Generation.

This week’s character is the wealthy constable Roderick McKenzie.

Born one of seven redheaded children to powerful clan lord in the Caelish nation of Ullacht, Roderick always knew life would be fairly easy for him. He wasn’t the oldest, so there were quite little expectations of him, other than hanging around the grand castle and annoying the courtiers. Even the fact that his family worshipped the old pagan Caelish gods didn’t bother him, as his family’s wealth was more than enough to soothe any zealotry in the countryside.

Roderick’s easily life continued well into his teenager years where is father found him a place at a duke’s court as a page. Here he learnt politics, subtlety, intrigue and found both a best friend and a sweetheart in the duke’s son and daughter respectively. Compared to the harsh childhood years of the underclasses, Roderick’s first seventeen years were quite unremarkable.

The one and only thing that roused him from his lazy reveries were the gift he received from his father: his family ancestral sword, born by McKenzie men since Kenzie the Great walked the living lands. Roderick found in the blade a sense of duty and soon after enlisted with the constabulary.

Of course, not just any constabulary would do for the son of Lord McKenzie, and so Roderick became part of the political security of the politicians of Ullacht. A well paying job, a safe job, but a boring job. Roderick enjoyed it, the lazy man he was, but found his talents going to waste.

It was through his political connections that Roderick finally came to Alfresia as he became the bodyguard of the Ullacht ambassador to Alfresia. In Middelburg he found a faster pace of life, but an exciting one at that and soon grew to love everything it had to offer. Joining up with the Middelburg constabulary, he now works in the Political District, keeping it safe and clean from the wretchedness of the poor.

Roderick is a man who prefers the easy way than the right way of doing things and have quickly joined the ranks of Middelburg’s corrupt constables. A little extra money in his pocket and he is quite able to look the other way. Less work, more money.

A narcissist at heart, Roderick never found a soulmate and he is fairly certain he doesn’t have any bastards around although he can’t be sure. What he can be sure of though is that he enjoys life and all it has to offer.

That’s it for Character Fridays! Next Thursday we’ll be bringing you a different sort of characters, ones you might not immediately think of using in your games.

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