Today you get the second to last character in our character sheet series. Only one more week to go!

All the character’s skills and backstory were created just by using the Runed Age’s Character Generation.

This week’s character is the devious Alfons Meyer.

Alfons was born in the capital of the Heavenly Empire of Man, in sight of the grand Imperial Palace itself. You would think he was destined for great things. You would be wrong.

Alfons never knew his parents. To this day he doesn’t know what happened to them. Everyone he knew refused to speak of them. An orphan, Alfons was taken in by his father’s cousin and made to work for his food from an early age. His three brothers came with him, but there was never love lost between them. His eldest brother once even told Alfons that it was poor Alfons’ fault their parents left.

Growing up in a smithy is a difficult life for a young boy, especially when those closest didn’t care for him. However, he found his happiness in those times he could sneak away from his family to play with the friends down the road. It would be sneaking around and friendships that would define Alfons’ life.

As he grew older, he chaffed at the authority of his adoptive father, and the animosity between him and his brothers didn’t get any less as well. With his home life leaving a lot to be desired for, Alfons took to sneaking out as often as he could and spent his time sneaking into other people houses instead. He became very adept at taking things that didn’t belong to him, and breaking into houses was simple for someone who lived in a smithy.

Unfortunately he wasn’t very adept at hiding from his victims or the constables and was caught almost as often as not. He spent much of his teenage years in gaol and the imperial city’s goals are no less forgiving than others. There was a turning point in his life in gaol that came in the form of an apprentice Runist monk, named Günther, who came to the gaol in hope to redeem some of the criminals.

It was this monk who would go on to become Alfons’ lifelong friend, that convinced Alfons to turn his life around. While Alfons never stopped being a thief, he did take Günther’s words to heart and the next time he was let out of gaol, he went back to his adoptive father and asked to be his apprentice.

For the next three years he worked harder than he ever had, but it paid off when he was given his own projects and clients and became a smith in his own right. He often asked Güther for aid and advise on how to use the runes and arrays to better his creations and soon Alfons started to make a name for himself.

When Günther informed Alfons that he was being sent by his abbot to the far flung island of Alfresia, Alfons didn’t hesitate and joined him on his voyage. In the grand city of Middelburg, Alfons once again took up his trade and spent 11 years crafting all manner of metallic objects, both great and small, grand and paltry.

That all came to an end one night when he was, once again, breaking into someone’s home. His contacts had told him the house was packed to the rafters with all sorts of treasures, but when Alfons got in he found nothing but dust… and a man waiting for him, dressed impeccably in red. This man seemed to know everything about Alfons and gave him a little red book that held the secrets of every craftsman of note in Middelburg. The man in red asked for nothing in return other than a favour in the future.

With this little red book, Alfons gave up his career as a smith, preferring to become a footmen for the trade families of the Merchant League, knowing that he could ask for favours from any craftsman in the city if he ever needed.

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