This week on Magic Mondays we give you an array that is sure to annoy and irritate your enemies to death.

This week we give you the Splinter array.

Notation: Sustain the Pulling of Humans

Description: The array is fairly simple to understand, but the ingenuity comes not from its design, but from its use. The Splinter is meant for projectiles, but specifically enough: projectiles that aren’t bullets. It is designed for arrows, crossbow bolts, throwing knives and daggers, blow darts, and perhaps even push daggers if you are feeling particularly devious. The reason for this is because just like a splinter can get under your skin stay there for what seems like forever, the Splinter will keep these projectiles stuck inside the body by pulling on the flesh around it.

That is why it isn’t quite the right array for bullets. Bullets are already lodged deep inside the body, by having them fixed in there with the Splinter array will only become an irritation after battle, when the outcome will have already been decided. The purpose of the Splinter is to irritate, distract and encumber your enemies by having arrows and knives and whatnot be stuck in them and not being able to pull them out. The arrow shafts and knife handles sticking out of your enemies will make movement all the more difficult, and that movement will cause the projectile inside to be moved around, causing even more pain.

Theoretically, all this distraction and pain will give you more than enough time to finish off your enemies. However, if you are particularly feeling diabolical, you can always add an extra array onto whatever projectile you are using. The Splinter will hold the projectile inside your enemies more than long enough for you to create nearly any effect inside them.

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