It’s the new year and a new year needs a Baby New Year! So while this week’s character isn’t exactly an infant, it will be the only child character in this series.

Playing as a child does present its own challenges, not even counting the reduced skill levels the character will have since you only did part of the Character Generation. But if you can make it in Middelburg playing as a child, then you can make it anywhere!

All the character’s skills and backstory were created just by using the Runed Age’s Character Generation.

So with all that said and done, meet The Runed Age’s own Baby New Year: Enni Eriksson!

Little Enni is ostensibly Alfresian as she was born in the very heart of the great metropolis of Middelburg, but her roots stretch across the ocean to a mythical land of conquerors and savages: the island of Worge.

Her parents were both Worgens and came to Alfresia in search of a better life. Soon after they arrived in Middelburg, little Enni was born. She doesn’t remember much of her parents, but she does remember the stories her parents used to tell her about the conquering kings of the Great Gitic Hordes, the legendary wolf-men the Gitics found on Worge and endless tails of fey creatures playing tricks on foolish men.

Such happy times, however, were not meant to last. One night, Enni awoke in need of the lavatory and found herself alone in what suddenly seemed a mansion of a house. There were no note left, no farewell kiss, but all her parents clothes were gone and so were her parents.

The next night she understood why as grim faced men broke into the house in search of some treasure they claimed her father had. They tore the place apart and had Enni not been quick enough, they would have torn her apart as well. She had escaped these savage men but was now left to fend for herself in this harsh city, with no friend or relative to call upon.

That was four years ago. Since then, Enni has lived her life on the streets, begging and stealing in order to survive and hoping to hold on to what she had. Life is tough on the streets, even more so when you are a small girl and a bully has made it his life’s work to make your life a misery. If she is not running away from Fat Tobald and his moronic goons, she is running away from the men who chased her out of her home. Every so often she will hear word that someone has found out about her father’s treasure and then little Enni has to leave whatever shelter she has found in case they find her.

As with many, her only respite in this harsh life has been religion, or rather the food that priests and friars provide. She isn’t a stupid girl and had quickly cottoned on that the clergy are prone to give good to a snivelling little girl. Her best meals have always come from a temple.

Something, though, has rubbed off on her. Perhaps it was just the proximity, but Enni has begun to believe in something greater than herself. She has become quite the devout Runist lately, even if she is too young to understand everything, but her thirst for knowledge and sense of curiosity has taxed the patience of more than one nun. She always wants to know more, even when there are no more answers to her questions.

What lies ahead for little Enni, few can say but the gods themselves. However, she seems well equipped thus far to deal with what life may throw at her. It only remains to be seen whether Middelburg will crush her or she will crush it.

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